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A series of six large drawings, Habit, was produced during a residency at the multi-disciplinary space, METAL, established by Jude Kelly and situated in the former ticket office of West Hampstead station. The works were installed in a line along the inner wall of the space. They were visually ‘activated’ due to their reflected surface (repetitive graphite marks made on the support, constructed of gampi vellum paper  and to which black ink had been applied numerous times), and the fact that trains which passed directly outside the opposite line of windows, constantly threw light and shadows across the surface of the drawings. The images were developed from a previous series of smaller works made during a residency at Nottingham Museum of Costume and Textiles – and which alluded to the repetitive habit of folding and unfolding items of clothing. 

From Habit series, 2004

Each 201 x 145cm, pencil & ink on Japanese gampi vellum paper

Details from Habit series, 2004

Pencil & ink on Japanese gampi vellum paper

Rebus 1 - 9, 2002

Each 54.5 x 44.5cm, pencil & ink on Japanese kozo papers

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